Hello, Im Jessica or Belle, Ginger or Red. However you know me or don’t know me this is me.

At 25 years old and two divorces I finally received my Associates degree with apx. 130 credit hours. LOL. Anyway I just finished my first semester at Park University. Majoring in International business, Marketing management, and a minor in Global studies. For my second semester I am traveling to Taiwan for school, as part of an exchange program. Who knew you could do this stuff at 26 years old.

It will be a whole new world, a big city, a small dorm room shared with five other girls, no car, and who knows how many other challenges to my way of life. But if we never push ourselves then how to we grow as people? How do we truly expand our minds.

Anyway, I am so lucky to get this opportunity so this blog is to share it with my family and friends. And whoever else would like to follow, or has questions.

So please feel free to comment, ask questions, give suggestions, anything! I could use some feedback!

Enjoy, I know I will!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. leonard mccoy

    is this where i put messages for you jessica? is there a privaye mailbox somewhere on here? hope all is going well. dont breathe the airplane air:) Bones

    • leonard mccoy

      u wont need a car. thtere no room for any more cars there and the island is small enough to jog around while holding your breathe. which yo uwill want to do cause of pollution ala NYC. get scooter. C lived there – said guys never tired of trying to give her rides on there scooters:)

  2. The polution does not seem so bad here so far, maybe because of altitude or the mountain or something I do not know. This part of the city is so clean! its amazing compared to China! Also You can comment on any of the Post tara!

  3. Hey fellow ginger 🙂 Look forward to reading about your journey!

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